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    Sod installation is the quickest way to a fresh, green lawn. Ideal Elements provides sod installation service for the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon and Piedmont area. We are happy to sod areas anywhere from smaller city yards to larger suburban properties.

    We can take care of all the work for you. Most sod projects aren’t as easy as simply taking a piece of sod, laying it down, and calling it a day. At Ideal Elements we can handle the size and scope of almost every job and have the expertise to perform:

    • Soil Delivery and Installation
    • Grading
    • Sod Delivery
    • Sod Installation

    When prep work is not needed or wanted Ideal Elements will still be more than happy to provide you with professional sod installation service. We can provide several different types of sod to meet the needs of your lawn. Ideal Elements can help you quickly turn your yard into a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors with our sod delivery and installation services.

    Taking Care of Sod Established Lawns in Oklahoma

    Once all the sod pieces are in place, they should be lightly rolled so you can remove any air pockets that prevent contact between sod and soil, which makes the knitting of sod roots to your lawn’s soil a heck of a lot harder. Thorough watering, and we cannot stress this enough, is needed to a depth of about four inches to ensure ample soil moisture—which is also very important because you’re developing new roots. Oklahoma sod shouldn’t be mowed until it is firmly rooted to the soil below. Then, only one-third to one-half of the top growth should be removed every time you mow your lawn. Careless mowing will only force your turf to replace its lost leaf and stem tissue—which your soil will prioritize over developing root systems.

    The same thing applies to using too much nitrogen fertilizer after you transplant your lawn. Too much nitrogen will divert energy resources from roots to leafy top growth, which also takes energy away from the development of roots. You have to apply your nitrogen lightly after the sod is firmly rooted. The appearance of transplanted sod should serve as a guide for fertilizer needs. This principle also applies to using herbicides. We discourage you from using any weed control until transplanted sod is firmly rooted (note that you have to ensure that your sod is free from serious weed infestations when you buy it).

    The main advantage of standard Ideal Elements sod installation is that it provides you with an instant, erosion-controlling lawn. Certain erosion-prone slopes may not be able to establish any type of lawn unless it is done through sod. Furthermore, instant lawns often require specific requirements for locations such as playing fields, where seeded, plugged, or sprigged lawns may not even get a chance to mature and sustain a wear-resistant surface. Work scheduling for lawn establishment may also dictate the use of sod at times of the year when seeding or alternative vegetative planning methods are known to be impractical.

    The only main disadvantage you’ll experience when you go through sodding is its cost. Oklahoma homeowners should weigh the advantage of sod installation against the cost you’ll incur before a final decision is made on whether or not you should go through with the service.