• Weed Control & Fertilization Programs

  • Our lawn care technicians are certified by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and are specifically trained to pay attention to different lawn care issues allowing our customers to have a beautiful weed free lawn. Choose from one of our 2 programs to meet your lawn care and budgetary goals or Ideal Elements can custom design a plan to meet your lawns specific fertilization and weed control needs. 

    Step 1 – Early Spring Weed Control & Fertilizer Treatment (Jan – Feb)
    Step 2 – Pre – Emergent & Post Emergent Weed Control Treatment (Mar – Apr)
    Step 3 – Late Spring Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control Treatment (April – May)
    Step 4 – Early Summer Fertilization With Organic Fertilizer (May – Jun)
    Step 5 – Fall Fertilization With Organic Fertilizer (Sep – Oct)
    Step 6 – Late Fall Fertilization & Post Emergent Weed Control Treatment (Nov – Dec)

    Optional: Recommended Fall Over Seeding Which Includes Core Aeration.
    With A Transition Blend of High Quality Fescue Seed    


    Recommended For Bermuda Lawns With Minimal Weed Issues

    Step 1 – Winter Weed Control Pre-Emergent Treatment (Feb – Mar)
    Step 2 – Spring Weed Control Pre-Emergent Treatment (Mar – App)
    Step 3 – Spring Fertilizer Treatment (Apr – May)
    Step 4 – First Summer Fertilizer Treatment (May – Jun)
    Step 5 – Second Summer Fertilizer Treatment (Jun – Aug)
    Step 6 – Fall Weed Control Pre-Emergent Treatment (Sept- Nov)